9 de November de 2022
14 de November de 2022


Since ancient times, before the arrival of the Phoenicians, wine was already produced in the southern part of the Alpujarra, in what is known as Contraviesa granadina, today recognized as a historical quality sub-area by the PDO Granada, where some of the most outstanding wineries are located.

The region with vineyards at the highest altitude in Europe, touching 1,400 meters above the level of the Mediterranean Sea and sheltered by Sierra Nevada. Conditions that, added to slate soils and very little rain, give these Granada wines a lot of personality.

The naturalness of the agricultural environment in terms of soils, water and climate that make Granada an ideal province to make natural wines that show their origin, that transport you to the place where they come from. Granada has other wine-growing areas where you can continue discovering unique wineries and wines. Some of these routes are part of the proposals of the Whine Route of Granada.

The enoturismo is becoming more and more introduced in Andalusia, and it is thanks to the great number of warehouses that open their doors so that the visitors not only approach to taste Earth wines but can also know about how the grape is harvested as well as the process of elaboration in the facilities.

Schedule: In the small town of Cádiar, at the beginning of October, a unique celebration takes place, which is its Autumn Festival. The main peculiarity is that, from the decade of the Sixties, a wine fountain is set in the middle of the town for its tasting.