9 de November de 2022
9 de November de 2022


The production of honey in the Granada area dates to immemorial time and today it has a protected designation of origin: DO Honey from Granada.

Among the natural factors that influence directly in the honey, it is necessary to indicate orography, the climate, and the rich typical vegetation of Granada, and between the human factors, the traditional routes of transhumance which they have been making for centuries the beekeepers of Granada in search of the different flowerings, with the intention of covering the year most of.

The key to the quality of this product is in the way in which the beekeepers move the honeycombs from high summits of Sierra Nevada to the coast so that the bees find the best pollen according to the station of the year and the altitude.

There are multiple varieties that we find when deciding on one of them, such as those with flowers, rosemary honey, orange blossom, almonds, and even the one called de la Sierra, with lavender and holm oak and new varieties. that are emerging like avocado and chestnut.

Of an amber, dark or light color depending on the variety, which is also complemented by its sweet and intense flavor. And its elaboration of the most artisan form and conserving the methods of long ago continues being the modus operandi of the families who dedicate themselves to harvest and merchandising.


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