Nestled in the Betic mountain ranges is Sierra Nevada, an impressive mountainous massif, the southern ski resort in Europe that houses the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula, Veleta (3,394m) and Mulhacén (3,478m), all of this just 100 km from the Mediterranean Sea and the Costa Tropical. Sun and Snow are insured in this emblematic environmental paradise that was declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1986 and acquired the status of National Park in 1989 due to its great natural and landscape value. Evergreens, foxgloves, tirana, chamomile from the sierra, violet from Sierra Nevada, snow star, poppies from Sierra Nevada and aconites, are part of the more than 2,000 plant species, of great brightness and colourfulness, that live in the Park . Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and a rich entomofauna make up the fauna of Sierra Nevada. The mountain goat, common on the high peaks, is the most characteristic species of the park.

If by something it is well-known Sierra Nevada it is for being a mandatory destination for the lovers of the winter sports, a perfect place to practice or to start skiing or to practice snowboard. And it is that the adventurers have a winter station of more than 110 kilometers distributed in 131 routes for all levels, being the one with the highest skiable slope of the entire peninsula, with 1,200 meters.

It also has a wide range of hotels, hostels and apartments not only for athletes, but also for families who want to enjoy the snow or those who want to spend a weekend to unwind sheltered in these accommodations.


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Sierra Nevada Restaurants

La Muralla, Sierra Nevada      

18196 Sierra Nevada, 604814351


Casa Chiquito, Güejar Sierra

Camino Antiguo del tranvía, 5 km, 958 48 40 17


Ci Vediamo, Sierra Nevada          

18196 Monachil, 958 48 08 56


La Antorcha, Sierra Nevada           

C. de la Virgen de las Nieves, 8, EDIFICIO ATLAS, 654 34 51 17


La Bodeguita, Sierra Nevada       

C. de la Virgen de las Nieves, 656 34 56 02


La Mar Salá, Sierra Nevada        

Plaza pradollano hotel sol y nieve, Local 2, National Park, 667 02 80 33


La Posada , Pinos Genil

Crtra Antigua de Sierra Nevada. Km 6 5 

Pasada la urbanizacion los Pinillos, no hay que llegar al pueblo, 627 95 38 77


Little Morgan, Sierra Nevada 

Pl. Pradollano, 4, 958 48 04 07


Vivac, Sierra Nevada          

Pl. Pradollano, 4, Edif. Genciana, Bajo 1, 958 48 07 14


Sierra Nevada Hotels

Hotel boutique *** La Almunia del Valle                

Monachil, Camino de la Umbria s/n                 



Hotel ***** El Lodge, Ski & Spa

Monachil, Maribel, 8             



Hotel **** Meliá Sierra Nevada    

Monachil, Plaza de Pradollano s/n                       



Hotel **** Meliá Sol y Nieve

Monachil, Plaza pradollano s-/n               



Hotel ***** Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya                

Monachil , Sierra Nevada           



Hotel **** Granada Palace             

Monachil, Diego de Siloe s/n              



Hotel **** HG Maribel     

Monachil , Pradollano         



Hotel **** Kenia Nevada

Monachil , Virgen de las Nieves 6