22 de November de 2022
22 de November de 2022

Ismael Delgado. Rte. Portal Bajo I



To aromatize the oil

Step 1. We will aromatize our oil for the pestiños. Heat the oil in a saucepan or frying pan and add a few lemon peels, removing all the white part so that it does not become bitter and, optionally, orange. Put a cinnamon stick next to it.

Step 2. We will fry the shell and the cinnamon stick at medium temperature until it turns dark. We remove the shells and the stick and wait for it to cool down.

For the mass of the latches

Step 1. In a bowl, put all the amount of flour together with the already flavored oil. We will also add the white wine, the anise, and the teaspoon of salt.

Step 2. Mix everything with a spoon or spatula and continue kneading with your hands until you see that it comes off easily. We will transfer the dough to a counter to be able to shape it.

Step 3. Laminate the dough with the help of a rolling pin until it is a thin sheet, but it does not break when handled. To shape our pestiños we can use both a round mold and a square mold. We take one end and bring it to the center.

We take the end opposite, and we do the same. So that they do not open when frying them, we will press with the thumb until the union is well sealed. Finally, we fry them.

Frying the pestiños

Step 1. In a frying pan we put the olive oil smooth so that it does not contribute flavor to our dessert. Once the oil is hot, we place them separately, carefully to prevent them from breaking. It must be left toastings well. We put them on plate with absorbent paper to remove any excess oil they may carry.


Bathing the pestiños

Step 1. In a frying pan we place the amount of honey next to the one of water. We heat it until dissolved. We will be placing the pestiños and bathing them in that mixture. If you prefer them with a lot of honey you can do this step in a saucepan. The amount of honey you put will depend on your taste but in general it is a tablespoon of water for every 50 grams of honey.



• We will put the pestiño on a plate and grate a little lemon to give freshness.



To accompany the ideal would be an anise or cinnamon sorbet.