22 de November de 2022
22 de November de 2022


Experts assure that it is one of the most complete foods that exists, as it stands out for nutrients it contains, for its bioavailability and for the balance of the amino acids of its protein. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Antioxidant.

Great part of these facilities in Granada opts for the ecological egg, guaranteeing that the birds move in natural surroundings where they can live calm and with a diet with plants and other animals of which it will depend on the yellow color of the yolk. And it is that the special feature of the egg that comes from the surroundings of Sierra Nevada has an own label, which is perceived in the weight, the hardness of the shell or the color. And most important: in the flavor. In the kitchen, the egg is one of the most known versatile products. Fried, cooked, poached, poached, scrambled, in omelets, baked, pickles, in brine, the main tool for combining doughs, sauces ... that is, an essential in the kitchen.

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