22 de November de 2022
22 de November de 2022


The pajuna cow can be found in the Sierra Nevada habitat a perfect place for its survival. The one also known as ‘Rubia’ is raised in freedom in the natural landscapes of the Granada winter, fed naturally and which allows to obtain a meat very similar to that of game.

The term of pajuno mainly refers to the term paje, which in Spanish means servant, a mountain cattle that traditionally was destined for the works of farming of lands, to obtain milk and meat of the bull calves. About its origin there are several theories, part of the ‘mountain’ races, and known to come from African lands. They also stand out for their straw or brown fur as well as for their robust constitution.

They have the distinctive “100% autochthonous breed” that certifies the purity of this type of animal. The quality of its meats, such as its ribs, ribeye or entrecots, is also given by its the balanced diet, made up of straw as well as corn, and by the loving care with which they are treated by the farmers. In addition, it requires of a maturation process to obtain a flavorful and tender meat; becoming a product of first quality very coveted by chefs and cooks in its culinarias creations.

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