22 de November de 2022
22 de November de 2022


Sierra Nevada´s mineral water, so fresh and so beneficial for our health, is one of the most important references that the environment has if we must talk about the most appropriate products to maintain a balanced diet.

A water that springs up of its well-known springs, coming from the tips highest of all Iberian Peninsula and located to more than 3,000 meters of height. A water that comes from a natural habitat and far away from civilization is what makes it so unique. It is in Lanjarón where we have the greatest reference, the health spring, from which a very weak mineralization liquid is obtained and characterized by its low sodium content. And their sources also have an important historical value, discovered during the eighteenth century and that caused that the neighbors of different municipalities from Granada moved to Lanjarón to gather their waters.

Schedule: During the eve as well as the early morning of San Juan’s day, a very curious event is celebrated in Lanjarón, such as the Water Festival. During that night a fun race takes place through the town in which the participants are watered by water that falls from the balconies or that is thrown through the streets.


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