18 de July de 2022
9 de November de 2022


During the cold winters that are experienced in the towns of the Alpujarra, we always want to try their most delicious sweets and that the minute that we see them, they make our mouth water. And what better way than to taste them during snack time or simply to indulge yourself throughout the day.

From the dried figs, which are presented in olive oil, to the wine and anise rolls, and of course not to mention the almond nuts. We cannot miss the opportunity to try, if we visit the region, its soplillos, made with flour, almonds, eggs, honey, and olive oil and that are still made in the old-fashioned way. Or its spongy, creamy susos and to take with a coffee or the unmistakable latches, famous at national level but Granada gives them a very special touch.

And if you are passionate about chocolate, the Alpujarra also offers you a wide variety of products to take home from which it is difficult to choose, such as chocolate bars made with milk and almonds, or chestnuts, as well as figs with almonds covered in chocolate.

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