9 de November de 2022
9 de November de 2022


The family tradition and the most ancient elaboration are some of the keys to understanding the fame and renown of the sausage from the Alpujarra. Its meat products, such as chorizos, salchichones, sausages or loins, both white and Iberian, bear the stamp of Granada, with the essence of the species raised in the high mountains.

It is in Trevélez where we find a good selection of chacina for all tastes, like salchichón with pepper,

white rolled pork loin of a great smoothness and low in salt, the homemade white sausages or the longaniza which is cooked using the alpujarreño style. The key to understand this touch of quality and distinction is based on curing, just with the appropriate and precise time, which is added to a cold and dry climate to give it that optimal and ideal point for some recipes of yesteryear that persist in the Grenadian cuisines, such as the Alpujarra dish, which together with chorizo and blood sausage is accompanied by egg, potatoes, onio



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