9 de November de 2022
9 de November de 2022


Of the Alpujarra Granadina and its high peaks, ham, it can be said that it is its gastronomic brand, the product par excellence and the most awarded, of which we all have a pleasant reference and of which we know how to appreciate both its texture and its flavor. Mostly it comes from the so-called white pig, although you can also buy the Pata Negra ham. n and peppers, or their traditional crumbs.

Of great fame and recognition is the ham of Trevélez, that has the Protected Geographic Indication, located to more than 1,200 meters of altitude and next to Sierra Nevada. Its quality is based on the months of curation, and their varieties depend on the time that they use in this process, without forgetting either the previous tasks of slating or washing.

In addition, the ham of Alpujarra is elaborated without additives or chemical preservatives. Added to all this are the low temperatures of the region, which makes the meats cure in the most traditional and natural way.

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